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Allotment Management and Development

Running The Allotments


The site is owned by Sunderland City Council (each smallholder pays a rent), but it is self managed. 

This means that a Committee, drawn from, and elected by allotment holders, manages the running and development of the allotments.

The Committee meets regularly, and also holds an Annual General Meeting (open to all plot holders).

For information about the Committee, or to see minutes of meetings, please click on the underlined words above.


Select this link for details of Committee members and officials, and how to contact them .


Select this link to access minutes of Committee meetings, and the Annual General Meeting.

Questions & Suggestions


If you have questions or suggestions about the allotments, you can share these in a number of ways.

ask a question





You can contact members of the committee directly.  Click here for details of officials and members.


Or you can click here to email us.  (Please Note: email is checked regularly although not daily).


Some questions/suggestions and replies are shared on this site, to help other smallholders.  You can see these at our Feedback & Questions section.


We also try to keep people informed with news in the Community & Gardening Events section, and at our Facebook page.

Allotment Improvement Projects


The Committee not only manages the allotment site but tries to plan and oversee its development and improvement, including securing grants and partnership help where this is possible.


Allotment Development clearing land for a car park


Improvement work has included roads, security and amenities, and the work continues.

Allotment Development clearing land for a car park

To find out more about past development work please click here.

To keep up -to-date with current or planned projects, please follow this link.


If you live in Sunderland, and are interested in applying for an allotment on this site, you might like to talk to a Committee member or official first. 

Applications should be made to the Committee who will confirm elligibility, process your application, and manage your position in a waiting list.

Please download, complete, and return our application form electronically (returing it to our email address).  Click here to obtain the form.

If you'd rather, you can just send us an email, but it must contain all the information the form requests.


Following development of an entrance car park, the area has been cordoned off so that the mats and gras have time to establish properly.

Please make other arrangements for parking in the meantime - we hope to open the new car parking facility in the Spring of 2015.


Wearside Smallholder's & Allotments Ltd, Fulwell, Sunderland, Tyne And Wear, SR5 1PH shieldsroadallotments@yahoo.co.uk

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