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About Wearside Smallholders

We are a large group of people who rent allotments from Sunderland City Council,

at a site on Shields Road that has existed for around 50 years after being relocated

to make way for Monkwearmouth Comprehensive School and incorporated with a

previous allotment site on Shields Road.

The allotments are self-managed by a Committee selected from smallholders,

and consist of 340 plots, making it one of the largest sites in the country.

Scene from the allotments

An annual rent is paid by each plot holder, to Sunderland Council

(the owner of the site) - collected by the Committee.

The Committee maintains and develops the site; oversees individuals'

compliance with their tenancy agreement with the Council; collects rents,

leases and manages tenancies for allotment plots.

As well as leasing plots to individuals (resident in Sunderland) the

Committee also supports local charities with leases to community

groups to help them in their work such as, health and wellbeing;

rehabilitation; inclusion; skills and employability training.

We are also associated with VCA (Voluntary & Community Action)

Sunderland.  Please check our Gardening and Community Events

section for any news we receive from them. 

We look after our own community as well, and hold events

and competitions throughout the year for allotment holders and

their families. 

We maintain this website and a Facebook page, to inform and engage






Web site access for the visualy impaired.

Where at all possible we will try to ensure that text fonts are 14 or larger, and provide decriptive roll over captions for pictures.




Explore the website to fnd out about the types of thngs we do and what goes on at the allotment:

        Allotment Management & Development -will tell you how we are managed, and how the site has been and is being improved.

        Community & Gardening Events - contains information about the activties we get up to at the site and locally


We are located on Shields Road (A1018) close to where it joins Newcastle Road (A184) at the Miller's Inn roundabout

Wearside Smallholder's & Allotments Ltd, Fulwell, Sunderland, Tyne And Wear, SR5 1PH shieldsroadallotments@yahoo.co.uk

sunderland allotments on facebook