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As questions become common - we will provide (and attempt to update) answers here.


I need chippings.

These are ordered from time to time, and you should speak to the Secretary to get details of when they are being ordered, and to let him know about your needs. 

2 What's the rule about the gates?

The rules are now very clearly set out in the Agreement with Sunderland Council that all tenants sign. Preferably these should be locked at all times - in the ineterest of everyone's security.  However, the management Committee has agreed that as the site is large and busy this is not necessary but that they should always be closed after entrance/exitThey should not be left open.

(During the hours when the container shop is open on Sat/Sun the gates are often left open as there is someone in attendance).

In Winter months the gates are locked in the evenings and reopened in the morning with a lock that no-one can access.  Details of this will be posted in advance of this taking place, to inform members.

Vehicle gates at Usher's field (at the Waterworks site) ARE PERMANENTLY LOCKED.  Access can be arranged for deliveries via the Secretary.  The Pedestrian gates are operated with the same key as the pedestrian gate at the main entrance - and must be closed AND locked immediately after use.

3 What about Parking?

The Agreement also requires that we should not obstruct roads.  if you do need to park on the roads temporarily for some reason and are asked to move your vehicle, do so without compaint and straight away. `

4 Can I have a fire?

In principle yes, but you should be very careful.  Having a fire too often could be considered a nuisance.  Burning the wrong materials could also cause you trouble.  Producing too much smoke or burning when it blows in the direction of residences, or in a way that causes problems for Network Rail and other transport can also lead to problems. 

Although these situations cause complaint (that the allotment Comittee seeks to avoid), they can also lead to prosecution of the INDIVIDUAL concerned..

The Council has provided some information to help you regarding avoiding 'causing a nuisance' and fallin foul of the Clean Air Act 1990.  Ultimately, if you burn material and cause complaints, you (not the allotment society) can and may be prosecuted.  To see the Council advice - click here.





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